Brad Pitt Has Another Obstacle Between Him And His Children Amid Angelina Jolie Custody Battle

Brad Pitt Has Another Obstacle Between Him And His Children Amid Angelina Jolie Custody Battle
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Every day that goes by, it seems that all of Brad Pitt's children are pulling further and further away from him and the presence of Oliver Crane, their manny, is helping.

In a new report that surfaced via Radar Online , it was revealed that the manny is very close to the children and takes excellent care of them.

He has a strong bond with Knox and his older sister, Shiloh. That must be a hit hard for Brad who had a special relationship with Shiloh.

A source told Radar : “Oliver is particularly close to Shiloh and Knox. They’re really smart kids and love finding out how things work, which is right up Oliver’s alley. He’s a bit of a geek at heart and loves teaching them new things. He not only accompanies them to cool things like robotics class, but he’s also entrusted with driving them.”

While Brad has to fight to see his children since the divorce, Angelina is doing this: “Angelina spends every minute of free time with her kids these days, she has always been an extremely hands-on parent. But since the split with Brad the kids have become pretty much her entire focus, they’re her reason for living, and she is happiest when they are all with her. She’s been going out of her way to take them out more because she likes to keep them busy to keep their minds off the divorce.”

The second insider went on to tell Hollywood Life : “It has nothing to do with her trying to create a certain image because she is only being the natural, devoted mother that she’s always been. While Brad continues to nurture his relationship with the kids privately, behind closed doors, he is bothered every time Angelina puts the kids on display in public, something Brad is working hard to avoid while the divorce war rages on. He thinks the kids’ privacy is most important during this time and it makes him sad that Angelina does not protect the children the same way.”

The duo will meet in court in early December to finally put an end to the custody battle.

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  • B-ann18
    B-ann18 Nov 29, 2018 12:34 AM PST

    Angie is not healing the family. She is playing a dangerous game using the children & in public. Also buying whatever they want to buy..winning by things. My guess is she is sultaly brainwashing the kids against their dad. Brad should have the kids for full days, not just a 1/2 day here & there. There’s been nothing to the contrary that he doesn’t love his kids & wants what’s best for them Wish I was the judge..I’d give him primary custody where both have shared..equal time..custody. I believe Pitt to be the more stable parent.

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