Brad Pitt Grows Close To Irish Actress Ruth Negga – Are They Dating?

Brad Pitt Grows Close To Irish Actress Ruth Negga – Are They Dating?

Is Brad Pitt finally moving on following his ugly divorce from Angelina Jolie? New reports claim he may have a new lady in his life.

It looks like Pitt himself chose Irish actress Ruth Negga to star in his flick Ad Astra, but their relationship is not just professional.

Sources say the two actors have developed a strong friendship that seems to evolve into something more every day.

‘Brad adores Ruth, whom he got to know through her partner, actor Dominic Cooper and he bonded with her straight off the bat. They have been over to his place in Los Feliz for dinner numerous times,’ one insider claimed, adding that the woman has visited the Hollywood actor by herself as well.

The insider went on to explain that although Pitt has been very selective about who he spends his time with, Ruth seems to be a breath of fresh air for the actor, who believes she also understands him very well from a professional point of view but not exclusively.

As for whether or not he’d date her, the source was certain he would if she was not taken already.

But considering that Ruth and Dominic have had some issues in their relationship, it wouldn’t be too surprised if they break up and Brad makes his move.

39-year-old Cooper also dated Amanda Seyfried, before meeting Negga in 2010 when they started working on a play together.

At the time, Amanda gave a piece of advice to her fans, saying to never date someone from another country, as ‘You do not know where they sleep at night.’


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