Brad Pitt Chats With Kid Reporter Jaden Jefferson In His Most Charming Interview To Date

Brad Pitt Chats With Kid Reporter Jaden Jefferson In His Most Charming Interview To Date
Credit: Source The Ellen Show via YouTube

Last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show , Brad Pitt was sitting in the audience. After much coaxing the talk show host, convinced him to have a chat with her.

Once Pitt finished his interview Ellen had kid reporter Jaden Jefferson on as a guest. The 11-year-old has gone viral after charming audiences with his political coverage.

Jefferson missed his opportunity to interview the famous A-list hunk by minutes. However, what the young man didn't know was Pitt had already requested to talk with the budding reporter.

The two sat down for a chat yesterday where they discussed Pitt's new movie, Ad Astra, including what it was like for the actor to wear a space suit. Jefferson was a pro throughout the entire interview, even giving the Hollywood hunk tips on what to do in Toledo.

Pitt and Jefferson had a candid conversation regarding whether or not they would travel to the moon, if given the opportunity. Jefferson decided to leave it up to his viewers, while Pitt said he would need a lot more information before making a space commitment.

The young reporter was on point, asking questions of various natures. He even got the actor to discuss what he wanted to be when he was 11 years old. Pitt admitted it was his dream to build homes, as well as why that was his dream job as a child.

At one point, Pitt decided to turn the tables and ask the young reporter a question, but he bombed. The actor asked a sports question to which Jefferson quickly made clear he was not a sports guy.

Brad Pitt has been interviewed by oh so many people but the interaction he had with kid reporter, Jaden Jefferson. The father of six was so relaxed, at ease, and open with the child.

Plus, Jefferson was so in his element. The fact he was talking with one of the hottest Hollywood stars around did not even faze him.

Ellen DeGeneres was also impressed with the interview between Jefferson and Pitt. The talk show host has become such a fan of Jefferson's skills she asked him to come back and interview Oprah Winfrey for the talk show.

Many reporters get starstruck, stumped, or even flabbergasted in the presence of Pitt, but Jefferson was in his element. It is the most charming and adorable interview Pitt has ever given. Check it out for yourself!

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