Brad Pitt Cannot See Angelina Jolie Having A Successful 4th Marriage After Their Divorce

Brad Pitt Cannot See Angelina Jolie Having A Successful 4th Marriage After Their Divorce

Brad Pitt will not be one of those friendly exes who will attend Angelina Jolie's wedding and wish her well with her new husband.

It seems that the fourth time might be the charm for Jolie who is said to be in love with a wealthy 40-something businessman and mogul and the pair has been planning a big wedding.

According to a source who spoke to InTouch Weekly , Jolie and the mysterious mogul have been together since early 2017 and feel that they are soulmates.

The insider claimed that Pitt does not believe the British philanthropist and his estranged wife will last. Pitt told his entourage that being married to Jolie was difficult.

The family friend shared: “Brad is doubtful Angelina can have a successful marriage after theirs failed. Brad knows first hand how incredibly unique and challenging it is being in Angelina’s family. Brad gave it everything he had and is disappointed they could not stay together.”

The person went on to explain the other obstacles that will ruin Jolie's romance.

The source stated: “It is difficult dealing with the media, the fame, career, traveling and everything else that goes with being one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Brad knows what a dedicated mother Angelina is and how hard that can be for even the strongest men to deal with in a relationship.Brad understands that the best, most healthy and lasting relationships need lots of compromises so whoever has a shot at marrying Angelina will need to give up a lot to fit into her challenging lifestyle. Brad feels that while he wishes her the best, after several failed marriages for Angelina, the right guy for her might not exist.”

InTouch Weekly previously reported that Jolie is planning the wedding of her dreams and added: “Angelina could tell Brad what’s going on but she is choosing not to, she hopes he will be taken by complete surprise. If it makes Brad unhappy when he finds out, she is fine with that. Angie’s thinking of having Shiloh, Zahara, and Vivienne as bridesmaids and Maddox as the groom’s best man since Maddox sort of feels he is the man of the family now.”

It is unclear why the divorce process remains so slow if the two parties want to move on.

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