Brad Pitt Back To The Dating Scene?

Brad Pitt Back To The Dating Scene?

After his ugly split from Angelina Jolie back in September of 2016, Pratt Pitt spent quite some time away from the dating scene, alone and depressed because of the complicated custody battle that followed. When you have so much to think about and fight for, dating is the last thing on your mind.

However, as the divorce gets further and further away, the Hollywood actor is also slowly returning to the dating scene.

According to a source close to the 53 years old actor, he is giving love another chance by going out and maximizing his chances of finding someone. Although his dating life is nothing serious, it’s a way for him to be social, as after splitting from Jolie he also realized he had lost many of his old friends.

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend. It’s more of a way to get out and be social.”

The main point is that he is trying and that is all that matters.

The insider has also revealed that some of the friends that stuck by through the years and ever some new ones have proved very helpful in organizing little outings with the potential of becoming dates.

As he is not ready to go on a real, serious date yet, his pals who are already in relationships help by participating in double dates.

“He seems more comfortable double-dating and friends are helping out,” the source revealed, adding that the main goal is to get him out of the house and socializing.

As fans may be aware, there have been rumors in the past month that Pitt is dating Sienna Miller. She, however, denied the speculations.

Do you think Brad Pitt should start dating again?

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  • Sylvia L Hero
    Sylvia L Hero Apr 19, 2017 10:28 AM PDT

    YES..DEFINITELY..go slow and enjoy his self..maybe with people who have children. Date outside the Industry.

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