Brad Pitt Appears As Dr. Anthony Fauci On New Episode Of Saturday Night Live At Home

Brad Pitt Appears As Dr. Anthony Fauci On New Episode Of Saturday Night Live At Home
Credit: Source: Twitter

Two weeks after their first attempt at an at-home episode was met with very few laughs from viewers and negative reviews from critics, the cast of Saturday Night Live returned for a second episode at home that featured a guest appearance from Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Fauci, and it definitely brought plenty of LOLs.

During a press briefing earlier this month, a reporter asked Dr. Fauci who he thought should play him on the long-running sketch show, and with a grin he answered: “Brad Pitt, of course.” Now, the infectious disease expert’s dream has come true, as Pitt kicked off the second at-home edition of SNL as Dr. Fauci in a cold open that showed him reviewing President Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wearing a silver wig and glasses, Pitt-as-Fauci thanked “all of the older women in America” who have sent him supportive, inspiring, and sometimes graphic emails. He then played a clip of President Trump in March telling supporters that a coronavirus vaccine would be coming “relatively soon,” and clarified the POTUS’ comment.

“Relatively soon is an interesting phrase,” said Pitt-as-Fauci. “Relative to the entire history of Earth, sure! The vaccine is gonna come real fast. But if you were to tell a friend ‘I’ll be over relatively soon,’ and then showed up a year-and-a-half later, well your friend may be relatively pissed off.”

After making a few more digs at the President, Pitt took off his wig and glasses and got serious for a minute. He thanked American healthcare workers who are on the frontline of the battle, and he also praised Dr. Fauci’s “calm and clarity.” Then, he opened the show by saying: “Live, kinda, from all across America. It’s Saturday night!”

The episode featured Kenan Thompson’s recurring sketch “What’s Up with That,” with guests Charles Barkley and DJ Khalid, as well as a hilarious commercial for a grocery store starring Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant that promoted items they can’t seem to get rid of, despite the pandemic. Some of the items that they had "plenty" of included frozen Hawaiian pizza, cauliflower pasta, and mint Pringles.

Adam Sandler also made a surprise appearance -with underwear on his head - in Pete Davidson’s rap video for the song Stuck In the House . There was also a cameo from Paul Rudd and a performance by Miley Cyrus of the classic Pink Floyd song Wish You Were Here .


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