Brad Pitt And Sienna Miller Might Be Dating - How Will Angelina Jolie React?

Brad Pitt And Sienna Miller Might Be Dating - How Will Angelina Jolie React?

Angelina Jolie will not like this; it is being reported that Brad Pitt might be dating Sienna Miller.

The rumors resurfaced after Mr. Pitt and Miss Miller were allegedly spotted flirting like two teenagers in a Los Angeles eatery last week.

According to Page Six, which broke the story, Miller, who starred in the movie, "The Lost City of Z," produced by Pitt's Plan B production company, and the actor were seen getting very cozy at a restaurant near the ArcLight movie theater in LA.

The source said: “They heavily enjoying each other’s company, they were talking to each other all night.”

The spy went on to reveal that Miller has managed to put a smile on Pitt's face and added: "Pitt was in very high spirits, which he hasn’t been for a long time. He seems to be over a hump.”

The person told the publication that the divorce hit Pitt in ways words can not describe which is why he is so thin. This is not the first time rumors of Pitt and Miller hooking up have surfaced.

In October 2015, while Mrs. Jolie was still married to Mr. Pitt, it was claimed that she got angry after visiting her husband on the set of "The Lost City of Z."

A source told In Touch at the time, the mother of six was frustrated because he would not stop talking about Miller's talent as an actress.

An insider said: “She’s heard Brad bring up Sienna’s name almost every day since the film went into production in August… Sienna really gets under [Jolie’s] skin.”

Miller denied the story in an interview where she shared: “So this is the truth about that: Brad Pitt is producing the movie that I just wrapped, but I didn’t see him. He’s not been to the set. You know, he’s the producer of the film, and I’ve met him twice. It’s insane.”

Back then, no one believed that Pitt and Jolie had marital woes, but one year later they filed for divorce.

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  • AD
    AD Apr 11, 2017 5:12 AM PDT

    That's Brad Pitt, women, women. He is free to date anyone I am sure Sienna can't wait to date him. She will date anyone.

  • Veronica Gracia
    Veronica Gracia Apr 10, 2017 2:19 PM PDT

    I think the two are a beautiful couple and they need to see that ...Why pull apart a family were there so used to being in one house with one set of parents.....

  • Amber
    Amber Apr 10, 2017 2:07 PM PDT

    He's too old for her

  • Deborah Jones
    Deborah Jones Apr 10, 2017 12:55 PM PDT

    Brad is looking like his old self since he doesn't have that huge weight around his neck anymore. Angelina on the other hand is aging fast and looks anorexic. Brad at least wants the best for his kids all Angelina cares about is her wants.

  • Bebe
    Bebe Apr 10, 2017 11:29 AM PDT

    Umm, probably the same way she's reacted to the divorce- she doesn't care. She looks happier and healthier than ever and I'm sure that's why Pitts team put this little news story out there. He looks anorexic and OLD!! They don't want him to look like the Jennifer Aniston in the relationship but that's exactly what he is. He is pathetic. He has 6 kids to worry about getting joint custody of but instead his team wants us to think he's flirting and dating, truly weird hollyweird stuff. I am putting money on Angelina ending up with a humanitarian lawyer like George clooney and people will only be able to comment about his looks in comparison to Pitt because every other way he will be better. But until Pitt gets his left eye fixed and a goes back to the Botox dr--- I think it will be easy for Angelina to find a better looking man,

  • Sandra
    Sandra Apr 10, 2017 10:55 AM PDT

    i was always told what you, do in the dark will come to, the light in what goes around, will come around ????

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