Brad Pitt And Neri Oxman Can't Stay Away From Each Other, Plus Photos Emerge Of Them Together

Brad Pitt And Neri Oxman Can't Stay Away From Each Other, Plus Photos Emerge Of Them Together
Credit: Source: Radar

Brad Pitt and Neri Oxman may both have demanding jobs and live on opposite coasts , but that isn’t keeping them from spending time with one another and talking multiple times each day. The couple has reportedly been together since November, and insiders say that they are having fun and seeing where the relationship goes. But, one thing is for sure, they are still going strong.

“They continue to talk on the phone several times a day and are very infatuated with each other,” reveals a source “Their busy schedules are going to be a huge challenge because Neri isn’t going to give up her life in Cambridge or her job at MIT for anyone, even Brad Pitt.”

The actor and the professor have done their best to keep their romance a secret, but when the news of their relationship broke, it thrust them into the spotlight. According to US Weekly , Oxman is uncomfortable with the attention and feels that her personal life is now under a microscope, and even though Pitt feels bad about that, there is nothing he can do to stop it.

Sources say that Pitt is “absolutely smitten” by Oxman, and the couple has chemistry that is off the charts. They add that the Inglorious Basterds star glows when he is around his new love interest, and you “can hear his grin” when you talk to him.

Cameras spotted the MIT professor this week as she walked through campus. She attempted to keep a low profile and wore an all-black ensemble that included a turtleneck, pants, and a trench coat. Oxman accessorized the look with dark, oversized sunglasses.

A photo recently surfaced of the two of them together during Pitt’s visit to the MIT media lab last fall, with the couple posing with a group of academics. The 54-year-old also took a pic with six women while he visited the university, and student Kathy Camenzind posted it to her Instagram with the caption, “Ocean’s Six?”

Pitt first met Oxman after collaborating on an architectural project he was working on. The two reportedly hit it off instantly because they share a love of architecture, design, and art. Sources originally said that the two had a professional friendship, but it hadn’t blossomed into a romance.

However, since then, other insiders have come forward to claim that Pitt and Oxman are indeed a couple .

In addition to being an architect, Neri Oxman is also an artist. And, various museums have featured her work, including MOMA, Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou, Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Science.

Meanwhile, Brad Pitt is finally in the process of finalizing his divorce and custody agreement with Angelina Jolie, more than 18 months after the couple split.


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