Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston - Inside Their Relationship After Reunion

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston - Inside Their Relationship After Reunion
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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are spending more and more time with one another lately and that can only spark more reconciliation rumors! After all, they have a history and also, they have been single for a while.

Fans are rooting for them to give their past romance another chance and this has been even more the case ever since they reunited at Jen’s holiday party.

Are they really becoming more than just friends or not?

As it turns out, the former actor couple has an amazing relationship these days – a platonic one, that is.

That’s right! It turns out that Pitt and Aniston are nothing more and nothing less than friends.

In other words, if you still hold onto the hope that the legendary pair will end up giving each other another chance, you’re out of luck.

A source explained via HollywoodLife that ‘No matter what people would like to see, Brad and Jen are just friends. They have built their bond and rekindled their friendship so much more than it was in the past few years now that they are both single. They have realized what is important in life and since they shared so much love for each other it is such a nice thing for them both to have this kind of close friendship once again.’

They went on to dish that ‘They trust each other and they love the fact that they have somebody who has their back, especially in Hollywood where trust and true friends are at a minimum.’

The insider also mentioned that since they have been through so much, be it with each other or separately throughout the years, they can really relate to one another.

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