Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie - Inside Their Plans For Shiloh's 'Fun' Birthday!

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie - Inside Their Plans For Shiloh's 'Fun' Birthday!
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Shiloh’s 14th birthday is right around the corner and so, one insider report claims to know that her parents have some big plans for the day, despite the quarantine! As fans may know, Shiloh is celebrating her birthday on May 27 and so, it sounds like the former Hollywood couple is determined to make it ‘fun’ for their teen daughter.

Shiloh may be in isolation just like the rest of the planet but that’s not to say that her parents will not do anything to mark her birthday and make May 27 unlike all the other days blending together because of the COVID-19 quarantine.

One source revealed via HollywoodLife that ‘Brad and Angelina live close to each other so it’ll be easy for Shiloh to spend her time with both of them on her birthday. What she truly wants is a party with her friends but unfortunately that will have to be put off until lockdown ends. But both Brad and Angelina will still make the day special for her, regardless and it'll be totally up to Shiloh how she really wants to divide her time.’

They went on to also dish that ‘Brad has a tradition of making Shiloh breakfast on her birthday so she might start the day there and then have dinner with her mom, it's really going to be left up to her to choose. She is a teenager now so they're trying to give her as much autonomy as they can. There'll of course be a party with her brothers and sisters. Brad will make it fun for all the kids.’

A second source also mentioned that Brad has been really thinking hard how to make the day special for his 14 year old daughter given the circumstances.

In the end, he realized that all the ideas he has aside, he most important part is doing something simple like enjoying a nice meal with the rest of the family.

Still, that’s not to say they can’t do something extra as well and the insider stressed that the actor is currently still working on getting everything ready and proving to the kids that they can have fun even in quarantine!


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