Bow Wow's Rep Says That Kiyomi Leslie Was The Main Aggressor In Their Fight

Bow Wow's Rep Says That Kiyomi Leslie Was The Main Aggressor In Their Fight
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It was recently reported that the rapper Bow Wow was arrested on charges of Battery Substantial Physical Harm. He was taken into police custody in Atlanta, Georgia, according to ET's reports.

The rapper was allegedly involved in a fight with a woman, Leslie Kyiomi and he was being held on $8,000 bond. The Shade Room revealed that he was released.

TSR reported that a rep for Bow Wow says Kiyomi was the main aggressor in the alleged fight that happened between the two.

'Apparently, the two rekindled their relationship recently but were keeping things on the low. Early this morning the rep said Kiyomi was upset that Bow Wow was going to #SuperBowl related events without her, which is when she allegedly picked up a lamp and bashed his face,' TSR wrote.

The rep also said that 'Bow Wow suffered multiple injuries including a gash in his neck and side, and bruised ribs. As we previously reported, #Atlanta police confirmed to us that the fight happened early this morning and after officers interviewed the pair, they decided to arrest both of them on battery charges,' TSR reported.

'Both were able to go before a Fulton County Magistrate Judge who granted the defendants $8,000 signature bonds,' a spokesperson stated.

After Bow Wow was released, nothing new came out about Kiyomi.

Someone commented 'Whew!!! He met his match in a woman who ain’t no pushover obviously.. It looks like she got tired of dealing with his inner girl issues.'

Another follower believes that 'It's sad and hypocritical reading some of these comments, some of y'all indirectly supporting her actions and others like her. If the situation was reverse you all would had been condemning bow wow just like you did Christ Brown even after he came out with his side of the story. How could we trip when a black dude is victimized by a cop but be so insensitive when it's being done by a female which ironically ended up getting him locked up? This situation ain't funny at all.'

One commenter said that 'it's obvious this relationship is toxic once hands have to be involved, that's a clue to walk away, get it nobody relationship isn't perfect but domestic violence between the two isn't needed at all.'

What are your thoughts about what happened?

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