Bow Wow Allegedly Shades Plus-Size Women In Instagram Post

Bow Wow Allegedly Shades Plus-Size Women In Instagram Post
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In an Instagram post from Bow Wow, formerly Lil' Bow Wow, the rapper passive aggressively tossed shade toward plus-sized women. When talking about his past relationships, a fan told him that he might be missing out by purposefully not dating bigger girls.

The person asked him, "have you ever f*ck(ed) a plus-size woman? If not, you're missing out!"  As a response, Bow Wow rhetorically asked the question, "Am I?" along with a crying-laughing emoji as if he mocked the idea of being with a more substantial woman.

We have his Instagram post for you here below; you can be the judge:

As you may already know, Bow Wow has been the news recently for reasons that aren't the most flattering.

People on Twitter slammed the rapper for allegedly making it appear as if he paid fans to chase him through the street as a publicity stunt. The rapper posted an Instagram video online of himself running away from a group of concertgoers while in Charlotte, North Carolina.

However, due to his reputation, fans didn't buy the story at all. In another story reported last year, Bow Wow supposedly pretended that he was flying first class when, in reality, he was merely flying coach like everyone else.

During a conversation with TMZ, the rapper explained himself by stating that his fans chased him and he had to run away to make it back to the bus on time.

Nevertheless, fans on social media aren't buying his stories as of late, and it appears as though his persona is no longer appreciated by the public. Many on social media accused him of being fake.

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