Boris Kodjoe Thinks Trump Administration Has Similarities With Nazi Germany

Boris Kodjoe Thinks Trump Administration Has Similarities With Nazi Germany
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According to a report from, Boris Kodjoe thinks that Donald Trump's administration is similar to Nazi Germany. The outlet suggested that because Boris Kodjoe is from Germany, he would know and understand the similarities between Weimar Germany and the United States.

Despite the ridiculousness of such a comparison, Hollywood actors are continuing to make the claim. Boris Kodjoe, who has had supporting roles in many films and television shows, including Resident Evil: Afterlife, just got a new gig on Shonda Rhimes' Station 19.

According to the outlet, Kodjoe first emigrated to Germany when he was 18-years-old, and he claims to have a lot of knowledge of Nazism as well as Adolf Hitler due to Germany's education system.

During his appearance on The Clay Cane Show , the actor stated that the history of The Third Reich and the Holocaust was thoroughly taught in German schools.

The actor said, "the country understood its responsibility to educate and teach its children so that something like that may never re-occur." Boris added that he and other students were taught that when someone is marginalized, the culture has to fight back against it.

When asked if he sees similarities between the Trump administration and Hitler, he said that's it a "fair parallel." Moreover, he claims that Trump has been saying things that five years ago, nobody ever would've said.

The actor went on to suggest that Trump's criticism of illegal immigration was similar to the way in which Adolf Hitler placed the blame on Jews and other minorities for Germany's economic devastation after the First World War.

Boris also claimed that the president and his fans have marginalized Black people, despite the fact Trump has never made any comments about Black people. Boris Kodjoe, an Austrian-born actor with Ghanian and German descent, is most known for his roles in Resident Evil: Afterlife as well as the 2002 movie, Brown Sugar.

He currently has a role on BET's Real Husbands Of Hollywood . The show was created by Kevin Hart and Chris Spencer and started six years ago all the way back in 2013.

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