Boris Kodjoe And Nicole Ari Parker Share Hot Shower Pictures - Couple Goals!

Boris Kodjoe And Nicole Ari Parker Share Hot Shower Pictures - Couple Goals!
Credit: Instagram

Couple goals! Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker are making headlines for some adorable pictures.

Sunday, Parker took to Instagram where she shared a few photos where she is outside enjoying a shower.

The stunning actress was not alone; she was accompanied by the love of her life and her husband of 12 years, Kodjoe.

Parker, who has a towel wrapped around her head, is smiling in the first picture as the water pours down on Kodjoe who is also giggling.

However, in the second snapshot, poor Parker can no longer laugh because she has soap in her eyes.

She used the caption to say it is not amusing when a person is trying to have a nice time with their spouse and soap ruins it.

She wrote: "Spread love, NotHate. Take a shower outside with someone you love.#SoapySideEye."

One fan complimented the "Revolution" star by saying: "Great couple Your skin looks amazing!!!Don't you hate getting soap in your eye? Especially when you are bathing with your love. gurl! I'm about to take one with my hubby, too! #lovenothate."

Another shared: "lovewins guys aka #relationshipgoals Love watching u guys love each other. God bless. I did that in MV too."

However, a third commenter asked "The Boris & Nicole Show" co-hosts to keep their romantic moments private.

The fan stated: "And why do WE need to see this? #discretionisstillclassy! #keepyobusiness2yoself!"

Kodjoe and Parker, who met and fell in love while working on the Showtime series, “Soul Food,” have two beautiful children together.

In a recent interview, she revealed how she keeps the flames of love burning strong.

The businesswoman shared: “When Boris walked into our first rehearsal, I thought of him as the hot guy that got to play my boyfriend in the first couple episodes. But for some reason, we connected and found it easy to talk to each other and laugh and be comfortable… and then I married him. Vanessa (L. Williams) called it from the beginning just like a sister would.”

She added: “That is important to keep the relationship going.[Taking care of yourself] is true, not just for your weight but for your emotional health as well. You cannot just all of a sudden unleash on someone emotionally with your anger or unresolved issues. You have to work it out. You cannot all of a sudden just let yourself spiral out of control in any capacity. In a relationship, you have to have compassion for your partner, but you also have to have compassion for yourself.”

For or against taking showers with the one you love?


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