Booby Brown Was Removed From A JetBlue Flight Over This Reason

Booby Brown Was Removed From A JetBlue Flight Over This Reason
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Bobby Brown makes headlines these days after he was removed from a JetBlue flight over quite a shocking reason. The Shade Room has all the details cited from TMZ.

TSR started by noting that 'Things reportedly got a little intense for Bobby Brown while he was on a recent JetBlue flight—leading him to actually being removed from the plane and the cops being called.'

They continue and report that 'Bobby Brown is no stranger to run-ins with the law, but apparently this one caught him by surprise.'

TSR cites the info from TMZ and notes that 'Bobby was removed from his JetBlue flight and the situation caused the entire plane to deboard until the police were able to get the situation under control.'

It's been also reported that the witnesses who were also on the flight claimed that Bobby was in first-class when an altercation started.

It's been said that the flight attendants attempted to calm him, but they did not have any success in their attempts and this led to four police officers being called to intervene and get Bobby off the plane.

After Bobby has been reportedly removed, according to more sources, he yelled that he had to get to his brother’s funeral, says TSR.

Someone said: 'Should’ve left him alone!' and another commenter posted: 'Whitney isn’t here for y’all to blame for this.' Everyone knows Whitney Houston and Bobby's history.

Another follower posted: 'Don't be cruel Bobby they would never be that cruel to you.'

One other commenter said: 'Poor thing he is going through a lot - stop judging him 🙏'

A commenter wrote: 'Oh wow. Keep Bobby in prayer seriously 🙏🏾 it must be a lot going on with him smh.'

One follower said: 'I pray for him he’s still hurting over his daughter that’s why I’m not surprised anymore.'

What do you think about this unfortunate event?

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