Bobby Shmurda Addresses Dreams That Some People Never Chased

Bobby Shmurda Addresses Dreams That Some People Never Chased
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Bobby Shmurda just addressed dreams that a lot of people never even chased. Check out his relevant tweet below.

A follower said: 'Yea talk about dreams then talk about how someone made a rap song in 1 hour… bc everybody can make their dream come true in 1 hour right… and bc everybody wants to become a rapper. Just like u cant become a professional athlete at a certain age dreams also die at a certain age.'

Someone else posetd this message: 'My dream is to find your hat… I gave up 6 years ago… because of your words in this tweet I will pick up where I left off… thank you king for your inspirational words… I will resume the hunt.'

A commenter wrote this: 'That doe sn't work for anyone!!!It takes more blood and sweat than $20!!! To achieve the money up made in your lifetime.. I'm sorry to tell you that Bobby but it's true,' and someone else said: 'that’s not the point of the tweet. he’s saying that a lot of people sleep on their potential to succeed. in which some cases, could take very little time for a huge outcome.'

A fan said this: 'Too many people have a dream they never chased because they allowed people who lack the talent they have to convince them that they couldn’t do it also.'

A commenter dropped this message: 'When God says it’s your time no man can change that!!!!! We will FOOT the bill and change your life. Thank you lord because your grace is sufficient for me and whomever reading this.'

One other follower said: 'He ain’t lyin about that DReam.. make it happen NO MATTER WHAT!! Believe in yourself even if nobody else does!'

A fan said: 'What he failed to notice was that one hit song got him in convicted because he told on himself.'


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