Bob Iger Wants To Meet With Martin Scorsese Over His 'Nasty' Marvel Movie Comments

Bob Iger Wants To Meet With Martin Scorsese Over His 'Nasty' Marvel Movie Comments
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Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney Corporation, recently stated that he thought Martin Scorsese's comments regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe were "nasty" and "not fair" to the people who worked on them. The Hollywood Reporter got their hands on a new Time interview in which Bob made his remarks.

Many people on Twitter, including the CEO of Disney himself, haven't forgiven Martin for saying Marvel movies weren't "true cinema." Mr. Iger claimed Martin was the kind of artist who wanted to take risks, however, that doesn't mean Disney movies and other Marvel creations can't be considered art.

Furthermore, Iger admitted he and some of Scorsese's representatives were planning on sitting down for a chat regarding his opinion. As most know, Martin's previous statements have been on top of the entertainment news headlines for months.

As it was previously reported, filmmakers like Joss Whedon, James Gunn, and Kevin Feige, all defended Marvel against The Irishman director's comments, with many of them saying they loved Martin's movies, however, they couldn't get behind what he said.

Additionally, this wouldn't be the first time Bob has mentioned Martin's Empire interview. Speaking with BBC Radio earlier this year, Bob thought out loud that he thought Scorsese hadn't even watched a Marvel movie before.

Bob stated it wasn't possible for a person to sit through a Marvel movie and not feel like it wasn't a great film. However, some of the other more critically acclaimed directors have similar opinions, including Francis Ford Coppola in addition to Jon Favreau. Coppola was even less sensitive, saying the movies were "despicable."

Since then, Martin hasn't backed down at all from his original statement, even saying at the London Film Festival and in a New York Times opinion story that the films were "market-researched, audience-tested, vetted, modified, revetted, and remodified," until they were finally suitable for the public's enjoyment.

Whether or not Martin's comments are justifiable or not, Scorsese's latest movie has exceeded expectations, becoming one of Netflix's best movies. In fact, within the first month of its release, it has been viewed by 26 million households.

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