Bob Iger Reveals A Terminally Ill Fan Will Get A Chance To See Early Screening Of Rise Of Skywalker

Bob Iger Reveals A Terminally Ill Fan Will Get A Chance To See Early Screening Of Rise Of Skywalker
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A little boy in hospice care was recently given the opportunity to watch the brand new Star Wars movie, before its actual release date, claims a new report from CBS News.

Caretakers at the institution took to Twitter and explained that their patient wanted to see Rise Of Skywalker , and after the tweet went viral, the right man saw it and managed to make it happen.

Staff members from UK's Rowans Hospice wrote on Twitter that they had a  Star Wars -loving patient who probably won't get the chance to see it, insinuating the boy might die soon.  Fans of the franchise know the new Star Wars film is coming out on the 20th of December.

On Tuesday, the tweet was made by the little boy's caretakers and it subsequently went viral with the help of 1000 retweets. Many people tagged the actor, Mark Hamill, as well as the director, J. J. Abrams, however, it wasn't until Bob Iger got on board that the train really started to get moving.

However, Mark Hamill responded by uring them to send a message to Disney, the company that owned the film, rather than any of the cast and crew members. Iger saw the tweet and told them to send him the necessary details and they would try and make it happen.

Yesterday, the CEO of Disney revealed the good news: that they were able to get the little boy to see a preview screening of the film before it's premiere on the 20th of December. 2019 was a great year for Bob Iger and the Disney Corporation, considering many of the top-earning films were produced by Disney.

Some of the more successful films under their radar this year include Aladdin, The Lion King , as well as Frozen II. Following Disney's purchase of the Star Wars franchise, the company has only added more fuel to the fire.

However, not all of their decisions have been hailed by fans or even creators. In Bob's new memoir, he explained how he regretted the way they handled their deal with George Lucas, the creator of the series. George reportedly felt betrayed after they chose not to follow the storyline he had written.

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