Bob Dylan, surprising Nobel award

Bob Dylan, surprising Nobel award
Source: Odyssey

Decades and decades in a row, Bob Dylan sold millions of records with his enigmatic songs and catchy music. Now he has become poet laureate of this rock area, since he has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. This is placing him together with other winners in the past, such as Samuel Beckett, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, T. S. Eliot and Toni Morrison, for instance.

Aged 75, Bob Dylan is the first music person ever to win the Nobel for Literature, and we might be witnessing an extraordinary choice of the Academy in the entire history. It is even a revolution because it redefines literature as we knew it by now. This set off a huge debate among scholars worldwide, who started discussing whether song lyrics are really the same as novels or poetry.

Some of the writers have even acknowledged and celebrated this achievement of the singer, such as Joyce Carol Oates, Salman Rushdie, Stephen King and others. At the same time, some people did not see this as a right choice. Rabih Alameddine, a novelist, complained on Twitter that this situation is similar to Mrs Fields receiving 3 Michelin stars. Jody Picoult also said that she is happy for Bob Dylan, but jokingly asked if this means she can win a Grammy.

Bob Dylan has been writing and performing classic folk pieces, together with protest songs, such as "Blowin' in the Wind" or "The Times They Are a-Changing'". He also had countless Top 10 hits, such as "Like a Rolling Stone. Moreover, he is the first American that has won the Nobel prize since Toni Morrison did back in 1993. Truth be told, he is really popular among presidents and he is currently being studied by Oxford experts. However, he did not make any comment on the decision of the Academy.


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