Bob Dylan Says The Death Of George Floyd Was Disturbing

Bob Dylan Says The Death Of George Floyd Was Disturbing
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Bob Dylan is just one person among many who were legitimately disturbed by the video recording of Derek Chauvin pressing his knee against George Floyd's throat until he died. Media outlets stated that Derek had his knee pressed up against the man's neck for eight minutes.

During an interview with the New York Times writer, Douglas Brinkley, his first conversation with the media in years, Bob Dylan spoke on the death of George Floyd and also the protests that occurred in the aftermath, many of which spread around the world.

Currently, Bob Dylan is dropping his brand new record, Rough and Rowdy Ways, which will come out on the 19th of June. According to Deadline, Bob - who hails from Minnesota - "sounded depressed" during their conversation.

Dylan said during the interview that it "sickened me to no end to see George tortured to death like that." Bob went on to describe the incident as "beyond ugly," and he hoped out loud for justice for the nation as well as Floyd's family.

Reportedly, Dylan's new record contains the previously released 17-minute song called, "Murder Most Foul," which is his first new song in approximately eight years. Additionally, Dylan spoke on the deaths of massive stars in the industry such as John Prine and Little Richard.

According to Bob, Little Richard had a tremendous effect on him as an artist. Bob says that the performing artist "lit a match" under him. Dylan also praised Little Richard's gospel albums, because according to Dylan, they were very positive in tone.

The artist said that Little Richard's later records were overlooked because they "brought good news." Bob says that in "today's world," "good news" is "like a fugitive." Furthermore, Bob went on to say that he didn't need to acknowledge any of the artists who have passed away in recent years.

He said that both Prine and Little Richard were tremendous at what they did and deserve every ounce of respect and accolades they ever received. Furthermore, Dylan shouted out to artists like Charlie Sexton, the Eagles, and the Rolling Stones.

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