Bob Dylan Finally Received His Nobel Prize!

Bob Dylan Finally Received His Nobel Prize!
Source: Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan is now the proud owner of a Nobel Literature diploma and medal. The 75-years old singer won the award last year but skipped the traditional Nobel Prize banquet and ceremony on December 10.

In a more intimate environment, Dylan received his prize on Saturday afternoon, April 1st at a hotel next to the conference center where the singer was performing a concert later that night.

Klas Ostergren, a member of the Swedish Academy, said that it was the songwriter’s wish to have a small ceremony, with just Academy members and one of Dylan's staff member attending.

Ostergren added that the meeting went very well and characterized the "Blowin' in the Wind" singer as a very nice, kind man.

In his show later that night, Bob Dylan mentioned nothing about the Nobel award he received, performing some classic hits and acting like a genuine modest human being.

Back in December, he declined the invitation to attend the traditional Nobel Prize banquet, arguing that he has different commitments.

Although he received his diploma and medal, Dylan needs to give a lecture within six months from December 10 to cash in the award worth 8 million kronor ($894,800).

He has said he won’t be able to give his Nobel lecture this weekend but will send a recorded one instead.

This situation isn’t unheard of, with Canadian Nobel literature laureate Alice Munro being the most recent example, in 2013.

Bob Dylan received his Nobel Prize "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition." He had expressed his gratitude for obtaining the award and thanked the Swedish Academy for putting him on the list with all the “giants" of writing.

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