Bob Dylan Castigates Fans For Being On Their Cell Phones During Concert

Bob Dylan Castigates Fans For Being On Their Cell Phones During Concert
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According to a report from, Bob Dylan wasn't happy at all when people at his recent concert in Vienna, Austria, were on their phones more than actually listening and watching the show.

NME and Rolling Stone reported that the 77-year-old folk singer was performing, "Blowing In The Wind," when he took a step back and almost fell.

Not long after, Dylan, who almost never banters on-stage - claims the outlet, stopped playing in the middle of the song and said to the audience, "take pictures or don't take pictures, we can either play or we can pose, Ok?" For a few seconds, Bob allegedly mocked the audience by pretending to pose as if it was for a picture.

He went on to play his classic track, "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry." Bob got off the stage at the ending of the night and his band finished off the show with the song, "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues." Perhaps, after many years of performing, Bob is just sick of the usual grind?

Recently, the legendary folk singer opened a new whiskey distillery in Nashville which will first open its doors in the fall of 2020. Named after his classic song, "Heaven's Door," it will premiere during the 50th anniversary of his Nashville Skyline record.

Getting back to the singer's apparent distaste for cell phones, Mr. Dylan isn't the only performer who doesn't appreciate cell phones and videos at his concerts.

The frontman of the progressive metal band, Tool, Maynard James Keenan, doesn't allow videos at the band's concerts at all due to people then streaming the shows online, as well as the effect this has on the experience of the show for others. This kind of concept exists not only in the music industry but also in stand-up comedy.

Podcaster and comedian, Joe Rogan, has his team remove everyone's phones before they can sit in their seats. The idea behind it is to not only essentially encourage people to have a good time, but also to inhibit fans uploading unfinished bits of his on the internet.

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