Blueface Explains What He Has Been Up To With His Version Of 'Bad Girls Club'

Blueface Explains What He Has Been Up To With His Version Of 'Bad Girls Club'
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Blueface is mostly known for being a rapper, but these days, he has been in the headlines for his various entrepreneurial endeavors as well. Hot New Hip Hop claims the rapper has been promoting his latest venture on Instagram, his remake of Bad Girls Club.

Hot New Hip Hop claims Blueface's new social media show is a little more X-rated than the real show, in fact, the program even made it into the mainstream media after women had gotten into big fights while at the rapper's home.

As a result of his new social media series, Blueface has been accused of using his position to sleep with vulnerable women, however, he came out to defend himself recently. He claims he has just been trying to give the women a second chance. Moreover, he says he considers them as family members.

On his social media account, Blueface wrote that the "purpose of the show" is to help the women in question work through their temper, their attitude, their composure, as well as their patience. The star went on to say he considers them as family, and he's allowing them to chase their dreams without selling themselves out.

"They all have a past," the rapper added, "I just want to change their future." Blueface says there is no production team behind what he has created, and he's using his own money to take care of and handle everything.

The star went on to say that all he wants to do is make back his money, because, after all, he is a "businessman." Fans of the performing artist know this wouldn't be the first time he has been put into the spotlight for his relationships with women.

For instance, earlier this year, the rapper was put on blast by social media users after he posted a video of the mother of his child freaking out and damaging things around his home. The rapper could be heard saying in the video, "it must be my great d*ck."


Users urged Child Protective Services to come and take his kid away before any more harm could be done.

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