Blink-182 Reveals Why Lil' Wayne Wasn't Pleased With Their Collaborative USA Tour

Blink-182 Reveals Why Lil' Wayne Wasn't Pleased With Their Collaborative USA Tour
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According to a report from, there were a lot of people out there who were thrilled over the idea of getting to see Blink-182 perform with Lil' Wayne during the summer months, however, the tour didn't go precisely as they had planned.

For instance, the rapper actually missed several shows and once said on Twitter that he considered quitting the tour during the July 11th set in Virginia. Reportedly, he was greeted by a less-than-positive response from the fans there, however, the Blink members had a different side of the story.

Speaking with reporters from Billboard, the members of the band defended the rapper and explained some of his issues on the tour. When asked if Lil' Wayne was a "nightmare," Mark Hoppus stated that Tha Carter V artist wasn't a nightmare at all.

According to Hoppus, they really only had three problems during the tour, including one incident when Wayne couldn't get into the venue, and in another case where the police were after him, and then in another where he walked off the stage due to a storm.

According to Hoppus, the part about the story of Weezy leaving the stage had to do with a bad storm in the area, which left thousands of fans outside of the venue, and therefore, not a lot of people in the audience. It was during Wayne's opening set as well.

Travis Barker, the drummer, additionally stated that it made a lot of sense for Wayne to simply avoid certain situations on account of the police following him around and trying to arrest him. "It's just not worth it," Travis added, in reference to the police trying to nail Wayne with marijuana charges.

There's no question Blink has supported Wayne consistently, moreover, fans can take comfort in the fact Wayne did the same thing for them as well. As it was previously reported, Blink-182 just released their new record on the 20th of September, Nine , and Wayne dropped Tha Carter V in 2018 after years of delays.

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