Blake Shelton's Girlfriend Gwen Stefani Is Testing His Patience With Her Stressing

Blake Shelton's Girlfriend Gwen Stefani Is Testing His Patience With Her Stressing

They say opposites attract, but that is not always the case, and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are learning that the hard way.

It appears that Shelton is discovering that just the way he used to disagree with ex-wife, Miranda Lambert, he is having similar issues with Stefani.

According to a new report, the country star loves his girlfriend of almost two years, but they often fight because they do not share the same philosophies and visions of life.

Shelton is said to be cool like a cucumber and outgoing whereas the No Doubt front lady is always panicking and stressing about the smallest of things.

The person familiar with the situation claims that Shelton feels that the mother of three is testing his patience with her constant stressing.

The pal shared: “Blake is a happy-go-lucky guy and is as fun as anyone can be, and Gwen is a little more intense. She gets upset easier and puts many of her concerns for her career and life on Blake. And Blake takes her emotions and tries to turn her thoughts to something more positive. But it does test his patience. He wishes that she would be more easy going and not worry about things so much but it is currently one of the few tests in the relationship that Blake hopes changes in the future.”

The insider, who sold the story, went on to give one example that is creating tension between the famous couple -- to hunt or not to hunt?

Shelton has a great bond with Stefani's boys and wants to take them hunting in the Oklahoma woods, and she is against the idea.

To be clear, Shelton would only show Kingston, 11 and Zuma, 8, how to handle weapons -- he finds three-year-old Apollo is too young for such activity.

The source claimed: “Blake would love to teach the boys how to hunt deer during the upcoming season in Oklahoma, but Gwen is opposed to it. Gwen grew up in Orange County, and spent her free time as a teenager at the mall rather than out in the woods. Plus, she is a vegan, so killing animals has never really been a part of her life, and that is how she would like to continue.”

What are your thoughts on children hunting, for or against?

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