Blake Shelton's Girlfriend Gwen Stefani Is Convinced He Will Not Propose Amid Pregnancy Rumors

Blake Shelton's Girlfriend Gwen Stefani Is Convinced He Will Not Propose Amid Pregnancy Rumors
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For fans waiting for Gwen Stefani to get engaged to Blake Shelton, they should be warned that it will not happen.

The pair has been in love and going strong since late 2015.

The Voice coaches are going back and forth between California and Oklahoma raising Stefani's three young boys.

The lovebirds are also doing all they can to have a child together, and a friend of Stefani has come forward saying that she knows that with all that is going on, she is not expecting a ring in 2017.

Yes, she would love to become Shelton's fiancée officially, but she is aware of the show, the album, the restaurants and concerts -- he will not find time to squeeze in the magical proposal he has promised her.

The family friend said: “[Gwen] doesn’t believe she will be proposed to this year because of Blake’s schedule. Once The Voice goes live, Blake goes into full work mode and puts all his focus on the show. He is already working on performances he will be doing on the show, getting his team ready to win again and mostly putting his attention on all things work-related.”

The chatty source added: “Gwen would be completely surprised if he were to propose to her because she is 100 percent not expecting it at all.”

As stated above, Shelton and Stefani have better things to focus on at the moment like conceiving their child together.

Another insider claimed that they have already picked names and are hopeful that it will happen.

The person explained: “Blake and Gwen‘s excitement over becoming parents has made their relationship rock solid.It is even an inside joke between them — like if any disagreement starts brewing, they just start talking about having kids. Blake has this amazing sense of humor, and he is able to diffuse any tension by just making Gwen laugh.”

The source went on to say: “They love to play argue over baby names — Blake picks names like Billy Bob or Rusty, and she, of course, wants hip names like Stella and Emma. The kids love it too, and always throw their ideas in. Kingston [Rossdale, 11] loves all the names from Mine Craft.”

Fans are hopeful that the couple may welcome a child in 2018.

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