Blake Shelton's 'Bond' With Gwen Stefani's Sons ‘Makes Her Love Him Even More,’ Source Says

Blake Shelton's 'Bond' With Gwen Stefani's Sons ‘Makes Her Love Him Even More,’ Source Says
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There's zero doubt that Gwen Stefani is head over heels with her country singer boyfriend, Blake Shelton, and it turns out that one of the many reasons why is the fact that he is so involved in her three sons’ lives and whole raising process! One insider report claims to know that Blake, despite not having any biological kids of his own, is a complete ‘natural’ with Gwen’s boys!

However, the source tells HollywoodLife that this was not always the case.

Allegedly, things were quite different in the very beginning of their relationship.

‘Blake is a fun guy who's completely natural with Gwen‘s kids. At first, it was a little weird and difficult and Blake tried to weather all emotions and storms that came and just listened to Gwen on how to adapt. However, by listening to Gwen, by falling in love with Gwen, and being just the cool guy that he is, Blake got into a relationship with her boys that is now filled with trust and love. They all truly like and bounce off of each other great as a family,’ the source claims.

They went on to also share with the same news outlet that ‘The boys know Blake is not going anywhere and they're comforted by that and that has also brought the trust they need to this situation. They're all really considerate to each other, care about each other and genuinely like each other. It's natural and fun between them. Gwen feels like he is a true partner in raising them because the kids always come first for Blake.’

With that being said, the insider stressed that Gwen loves Blake even more because she sees the unbreakable bond he now has with her sons.

It’s great to hear that the country crooner is such a big part of Gwen’s sons’ lives and they care about him just as much as well!

This harmonious family dynamic can only benefit the happy couple and, sure enough, their bliss definitely shows!

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