Blake Shelton Wants Gwen Stefani Back On 'The Voice' Next Season

Blake Shelton Wants Gwen Stefani Back On 'The Voice' Next Season
Source: NBC

Blake Shelton is getting a little lonely on The Voice . Gwen Stefani's last appearance as a coach on the hit singing competition was three seasons ago — and the country crooner wants her back at his side pronto.

"Blake absolutely wants Gwen back on the show," an inside source explained. "It just isn't the same for him without her."

Stefani could not agree more. The insider claims the pop star wants to return to The Voice as a coach. She already visits the set with Shelton on a frequent basis and considers it a second home. Producers have not announced plans to bring Stefani back next season but having her on the show beside Shelton would be a big hit with fans.

Shelton started dating Stefani while working on Season 7 of The Voice . The two had just gone through separate divorces when their romance heated up. Their relationship continued strong and Stefani remained on the show for a couple more seasons.

Her last appearance was in Season 12. Stefani departed from the series because she had too many things on her plate and could not commit to a full season.

Although Shelton wants his lover to return, making a comeback may not be in the cards next season. The insider claims that producers are looking for a diverse set of coaches to better represent the country's population.

Stefani does not exactly bring diversity to the set, which will definitely work against her. That said, she left on good terms with producers and has an easy in with Shelton.

While Shelton makes a case for Stefani's return, the country star recently made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about People's Sexiest Man Alive award.

Shelton, who won the title last year, joked that he feels like "sexy ends" once the award is passed on. He also said that he hopes this year's winner, which turned out to be Idris Elba, gets a better reception than he did.

Blake Shelton has not commented on Gwen Stefani returning to The Voice .


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  • shannon brim
    shannon brim Nov 10, 2018 6:44 AM PST

    The only problem about Gwen Stefani being back on the voice is us people pay attention when we're watching and Blake Shelton does not pay attention to his people when he's with her both contestants count on him being 100% focused on them and not on Gwen and I seen it the last time she was on that's just my opinion love you bye talk to you said the same thing he doesn't concentrate on what he's doing

  • Tina Cafarelli
    Tina Cafarelli Nov 10, 2018 12:00 AM PST

    They already together every day there's no need to be on the same show.. Couples should do seperate things once in a while

  • Cindy McClain
    Cindy McClain Nov 9, 2018 5:39 PM PST

    I believe they make a great couple. Hope they get married soon.

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