Blake Shelton Thinks Gwen Stefani Looks 25 When She Goes Make-Up Free

Blake Shelton Thinks Gwen Stefani Looks 25 When She Goes Make-Up Free
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

People Magazine named Blake Shelton the “Sexiest Man Alive” this past week; but to him, there is nothing sexier than his girlfriend of two years, Gwen Stefani. Even though the No Doubt singer is known for her bold red lips and winged cat eye, Shelton says that she is the most beautiful when she wears no makeup at all.

“My favorite thing to see on her — and I don’t mean this to sound cheesy — is no makeup on whatsoever,” said Shelton. “She’s literally ageless. It’s unbelievable.”

The country singer went on to say that Stefani is beautiful when she is “fixed up ,” and her signature red lips are so amazing they received a mention in his song Turnin’ Me On , which is on his latest album Texoma Shore . But, he wishes the world could get to see what he does.

The Voice coach says that the 48-year-old mom of three looks like she is 25 when she doesn’t wear makeup and the genetics God gave her are beyond belief.

Reacting to the news that People named her man the sexiest on the planet, Gwen Stefani tweeted a picture of herself kissing Blake Shelton and wrote that she has known all along she was kissing the sexiest man alive.

The couple is definitely keeping their sense of humor about the whole thing. Shelton says that Stefani likes to tease him, especially about his age, and the Boys ‘Round Here singer claims that just because he is sexy, it doesn’t mean anyone should see him naked.

He says he looks like half-melted vanilla ice cream with hairs stuck to it, and no one should see that – not even his dog.

Of course, once People made the announcement, the trolls came out in full force on social media. And, while backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show , Shelton had some fun by making a video of himself reading his favorite mean tweets.

One person tweeted that Shelton “wasn’t the sexiest man at this Waffle House,” and another wrote that he was only sexy if you like a guy from a dog food commercial.

Blake Shelton’s favorite mean tweet was from a user named Jonas, who wrote that even though we live in a time of “division and strife,” People Magazine has united everyone in their certainty that Shelton is not the sexiest man alive.


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