Blake Shelton Slammed For Writing New Song 'Minimum Wage'

Blake Shelton Slammed For Writing New Song 'Minimum Wage'
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A report from Page Six today said that Blake Shelton found himself at the center of a social media backlash over his new song, "Minimum Wage." The outlet claims social media users appear to be upset over the song due to the fact many Americans are struggling to make ends meet amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reportedly, Blake debuted the new song on New Year's Eve for NBC's special. According to the publication, the lyric that sparked vitriol from a particular sub-set of people online was the line, "your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage."

Social media users such as this one down below suggested the country star's lyrics were "tone-deaf" to what's going on around the world right now, including in the United States of America.

Another user said they loved Blake Shelton and his music, but the song was a little out of touch. Obviously, this wouldn't be the first time a performing artist or a celebrity was put on blast for an attempt at relating to the public.

The coronavirus pandemic, in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter protests, made for a particuarly tense year in 2020. Gal Gadot, the Wonder Woman star, was just one celebrity who took the opportunity to try and make some of her fans feel better.

Gal rounded up a slew of celebrities, around 2 dozen of them, and had them sing along to John Lennon's "Imagine" across their phones. Gadot, or whoever made the video, edited everything together for a massive celebrity-mash-up.

While Gadot's intentions were probably pure, the A-lister came under fire in a big way by people online, and it was the subject of mockery for at least a few days. For example, Tom Segura and Joe Rogan touched on the subject during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Additionally, people such as John Mayer parodied the video by singing along to a different song, "Imagine," from Ariana Grande rather than the song of the same name from the former Beatles frontman, John Lennon.

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