Blake Shelton Reveals Other ‘The Voice’ Coaches Kids Use Him As “Jungle Gym” On Set

Blake Shelton Reveals Other ‘The Voice’ Coaches Kids Use Him As “Jungle Gym” On Set
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There is no shortage of kids running around on the set of The Voice . Kelly Clarkson, Adam Levine, Carson Daly and the newest member of the team, John Legend, all have kids. The fact that they can spend quality time with their kids while doing the show is one of the main reasons both Legend, and Clarkson signed on to the reality competition.

Blake Shelton may not have children of his own, but he is just fine with his colleagues' little ones treating him like their own personal jungle gym. In a recent interview with People magazine, The Voice crew got together to discuss how the set environment is great for those with a family.

One of the main reasons Levine's children like coming to see dad at work is because of Shelton.

"I don't trust him really in any way except with that kinda stuff. He's good with kids," praised the Maroon 5 singer.

Shelton also chimed in to share with readers the reality of what it means when someone says he is good with kids.

"I am. I'm like a big jungle gym to kids. If I'm in the room, kids are on my arms. They're hanging off my legs and punching my stomach because it jiggles. It's entertaining to them. You can always find the kids in the room if I'm there," exclaimed the country crooner.

Although he is not a father, Shelton does know a little something about parenting. Gwen Stefani has three boys, and the singer has spent ample time with them since he and Stefanie began dating a few years ago. There are even rumors that Shelton will soon become Apollo, Zuma and Kingston's stepfather.

It is not surprising that Blake Shelton not only loves kids but also that he lets The Voice coaches' kids hang all over him, as well as beat up on him. The ‘I'll Name The Dogs' singer is a big kid himself. Despite his rough around the edge’s demeanor at times, Shelton is just a big old Teddy Bear.

The Voice set is super kid friendly but when the kids come to visit it is not to see mom or dad working. Nope, it is to goof around with Shelton. Not a bad way for a kid to spend a day.

Season 16 of hit reality TV show is in full swing, so be sure tune in to see Blake, Kelly, Adam, John, and Carson every Monday at 8 PM EST.


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