Blake Shelton Responds To Claims He Had Secret Meeting With Paul Ryan

Blake Shelton Responds To Claims He Had Secret Meeting With Paul Ryan
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An Internet story about Blake Shelton apparently hanging out with Republican politician Paul Ryan went viral.

And it did not take the "Sexiest Man Alive," who happens to be Gwen Stefani's boyfriend long to address the matter.

According to local media outlets from Oklahoma, a few weeks ago, Stefani, her boyfriend, and her children were seen at his restaurant with friends, other family members, and Mr. Ryan.

Last month, Shelton opened the“Ole Red” restaurant in Oklahoma.

Ryan is a reluctant ally of U.S. President Donald Trump and is the current Speaker of the House.

The politician is known for being a fitness fanatic, and he was Mitt Romney's running mate during the 2012 election against Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The photogenic conservative is fascinated by numbers and often gets under the skin of Democrats.

Many publications and TV stations that reported the news claimed Shelton and Ryan appeared to be good friends as they walked and talked in the eatery.

Immediately, people on social media decided to throw Shelton under the bus for hanging around with someone they do not appreciate.

Many stated they lost respect for the country singer and a few said he was probably working in cahoots with Ryan to promote pro-Republican legislations.

A few others even explained that he is a closeted supporter of Trump. Via Twitter, the crooner said he was surprised by the news.

He revealed that he does not know Mr. Ryan and it was his first time meeting the lawmaker.

Shelton said that he briefly talked to Ryan and took a picture out of kindness and it gave birth the fake rumors.

He said he never had dinner with Ryan and added: “Literally walked into a restaurant WITH MY FAMILY (including children, LOTS of children), bumped to a politician that I’ve never even met before, said hello and took pictures (like I would try to do with anyone I meet who asks). "

He concluded by: "Then we immediately left because it was too cold for the outdoor area we had reserved. And now according to the Internet and social media, we were hanging out or having some big secret meeting in a PUBLIC restaurant!!!!!! WTF?!!!”

At least that clears things up.


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