Blake Shelton Reportedly Planning To Propose To Gwen Stefani Soon - Details!

Blake Shelton Reportedly Planning To Propose To Gwen Stefani Soon - Details!
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Fans of the pair have been waiting for a confirmation that they are even thinking of marriage for a long time, but Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are still playing coy! One new insider report, however, claims that the country crooner is doing some ‘major planning’ and is only waiting for the most romantic moment to pop the big question.

Blake and Gwen have been together for three years, and they always say they are happy without rings and are not in a hurry to get married since they went through pretty dramatic divorces back in 2015.

But will Blake finally propose to Gwen this year?

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Blake has some major plans to propose. Every day he just falls more in love with Gwen, everything she does has him falling more in love with her. He's been thinking about the perfect ring, perfect timing, whether or not he'll get on one knee and the perfect wording to ask Gwen to spend the rest of her life with him.’

The insider went on to dish that ‘Blake has been thinking about all of it and is excitedly waiting for the most romantic moment to change their lives forever. Blake absolutely adores Gwen, and her laid-back attitude on life, which he feels compliments his personality.’

Apparently, the country singer never planned on developing such deep feelings for Gwen, but now, he cannot even imagine living without her.

At first, it seemed like they were just each other’s rebounds since they divorced around the same time and started dating not too long after.

But, ironically enough, one of the things that made them bound even more in the beginning was the fact that they both went through a rough divorce.

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