Blake Shelton Let's Everyone Know Exactly How He Feels About Gwen Stefani In His New Song

Blake Shelton Let's Everyone Know Exactly How He Feels About Gwen Stefani In His New Song
Source: Us Weekly

Blake Shelton has released a new single! And it seems to be all about the future he is planning for him and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Could these two be any more in love?

The new song is called I’ll Name the Dogs . And, according to the lyrics, Shelton is ready for marriage and babies .

“I'm talkin' you and me with the same street name/Same last name, same everything/It's a real thing, a how I feel thing/So I'mma go on and take a swing/You find the spot and I'll find the money/You be the pretty and I'll be the funny /You plant the flowers, I'll plant the kisses/Baby, let's get right down to business/I'll hang the pictures, you hang the stars/You pick the paint, I'll pick a guitar/Sing you a song out there with the crickets and the frogs/You name the babies and I'll name the dogs,” sings Shelton.

Shelton has been having fun with the new song release on Twitter. He said the song reminded him of “back in the day.” And, he has challenged fans to tweet the oldest photo of him they could find. Shelton, 40, joined in by changing his avatar to an old photo of Stefani.

Meanwhile, Stefani, 47, is showing support for her man’s new song. She changed her Twitter avatar to the I’ll Name the Dogs album art.

It has been over a year since Blake Shelton’s last album, If I’m Honest , came out. It focused on the end of his relationship with ex-wife Miranda Lambert, and the beginning of a relationship with Stefani. Stefani and Shelton first fell in love on the set of The Voice , and reportedly bonded over their broken hearts and failed marriages.

Shelton and Stefani’s relationship has been going strong since then, it’s quite possible this next album will be all about their happy life together.

But, some are claiming that life may not be quite that happy for the couple. An insider explained that Gavin Rossdale might be coming between the two.

Apparently, Stefani’s ex-husband is not happy with how close Shelton has become with his three sons and wants to sabotage the relationship. None of the claims about Rossdale coming between the two lovebirds has been confirmed.

But, the insider also says Blake Shelton is not worried about any interference from Rossdale and that a wedding is definitely in the future!

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