Blake Shelton Is Reportedly Really 'Excited' To Have Gwen Stefani Back On 'The Voice' - Here's Why!

Blake Shelton Is Reportedly Really 'Excited' To Have Gwen Stefani Back On 'The Voice' - Here's Why!
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Gwen Stefani is set to return to The Voice as a judge alongside her boyfriend, Blake Shelton and fans are not the only ones excited! After all, the two met and fell in love on set and they always like to show off their romance on screen so Blake is looking forward to such moments with Gwen again.

Now, one insider report shared what the country crooner likes to do with the singer the most while at their TV jobs.

The source told via HollywoodLife that ‘Blake is a jokester. He's very excited that Gwen's returning to The Voice next season and cannot wait to joke around with her throughout the show. His joke now — especially since we're near his birthday — is that she's rocking the cradle with a younger man and that he'll always be younger than her.’

They went on to add that ‘Blake‘s sense of humor is one of the biggest things Gwen loves about him.’

During season 18 of the singing competition, the two were not together on screen, Nick Jonas having taken the spot usually filled by Gwen.

But that doesn’t mean they did not spend more than enough time together anyway due to the COVID-19 pandemic that had the happy couple quarantining together.

Alongside her three sons, brother and sister in law, Gwen joined Blake at his ranch for some quality family time!

‘They do feel that they are still in a honeymoon phase with their relationship. And dealing with COVID, they have gotten even more close in this time of quarantine. That obviously leads to the marriage and engagement question that will come about, especially when they work on The Voice. But they anticipate to remain boyfriend and girlfriend during the tapings,’ the source also mentioned.

The two have been together for almost five years now and seem just as happy and in love as back in 2015!


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