Blake Shelton Is Reportedly Excited To Spoil Gwen Stefani & Kids For Christmas

Blake Shelton Is Reportedly Excited To Spoil Gwen Stefani & Kids For Christmas

Blake Shelton's plans for Christmas are to spoil his love Gwen Stefani and her boys as well. A source close to the singer knows more details and just spilled the tea for the online publication Hollywood Life.

It seems that Blake has a lot of surprises prepared for Gwen and her sons for the Holidays.

'Blake goes all out for the holidays,' the insider said.

The same source continued and told the online magazine that 'He loves Christmas more than anything, and he has a whole load of traditions stemming back from his childhood that he loves to follow. Blake has always been a huge fan of the holidays, but now he’s with Gwen, and they have the boys, it’s an even more special time for him.'

Regarding the Christmas presents, we found out that Blake is in the middle of planning these days.

The same source said that he usually spends months planning for the perfect gifts and he also loves to cook a traditional dinner.

The insider also explained that the kids would spend this Christmas with their mom and he's really excited because of this.

'Each year Gwen and Gavin take turns to have the children for Christmas, and it’s Gwen’s turn this year, so Blake is super excited as he has a bunch of games planned and some great presents for the boys that he knows they are going to love.'

It was recently reported that Blake's ex-wife Miranda Lambert refuses to watch the Christmas video for the song that Blake and Gwen have together.

She reportedly gets jealous from time to time even if she and Blake are not together anymore for quite a while. It looks like she cannot help but get emotional sometimes.

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