Blake Shelton Is Mapping Out Forever With Gwen Stefani As Miranda Lambert Keeps Writing Hit Songs About Their Divorce

Blake Shelton Is Mapping Out Forever With Gwen Stefani As Miranda Lambert Keeps Writing Hit Songs About Their Divorce
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And the rumors are true, Blake Shelton has some big plans for Gwen Stefani, and they involve spending their lives together as one. Of course, this statement has their fans hoping for a marriage and a baby.

A reliable source spoke to People magazine and revealed that the country singer and mom of three are swimming in pure bliss as they mark another milestone.

The power couple celebrated their third anniversary, and according to the family friend, they have never been happier.

While the Pistol Annies' Miranda Lambert is busy talking about her divorce with songs like "Got My Name Changed Back," Blake is mapping out forever with his lady love.

The friend explained to People : “They’re still madly in love and beyond inseparable. Blake has wanted to take his time with marriage, but he is absolutely committed to Gwen. They both feel they’ve found their true partner in life and plan to be together forever.”

The source went on to say: “He still thinks he is so lucky that she wants to be with him and thinks she is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

According to Hollywood Life , the couple is hoping to have a baby in the near future.

Gwen and The Voice coach are searching for a surrogate for their bundle of joy.

The insider stated: “Gwen is madly in love with Blake and is open to doing anything to make him feel happy, complete and satisfied — that includes having a child via surrogacy. Gwen and Blake have discussed all avenues of growing their family, including adoption, surrogacy, and even traditional pregnancy.”

The person went on to share: “They discuss their plans for the future all the time, and after watching other friends go through the process, surrogacy is something they both are seriously considering. Gwen wants to help give Blake the baby he has always wanted and make his fatherhood dreams come true.”

Fans are happy for the lovebirds. One of them said: "So great family u are... !!! Gwen u are gorgeous as always ... we love u)."

Another commenter shared: "Just perfect!! Thank you, Gwen, for loving our Blake?❤️I love how your different styles just mesh together. It’s a beautiful balance. We need more music from you two ❤️."

This person said to get married already: "Omg love you guys so much! This makes me happy❤️Y’all are adorable - just go ahead make it official! Just say it I do’s !"

They have just given Miranda another hit song.

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  • Ms Dean
    Ms Dean Nov 21, 2018 1:18 PM PST

    Miranda is over that divorce. She’s mocking it in a song. Hilarious. I find Gwen’s fans exactly as they were in the 90’s- emo nerds. Blake went Hollywood. That’s fine. Let him. Miranda is not into that, she’s not phony and desperate for a career like Gwen. Miranda will find a real man in her own time. But she is long past Blake. Blake won’t stay faithful. His mistress has to send her brother on tour with him to baby sit. LOL! The roadies laugh at him behind his back. Even his band members are tired of Gwen. They see right through her. Either way? Who cares? Karma Blake. No one is immune. The road song is funny as hell. Gwen can be mad all she wants. We all know she chased after a married man. Now she’s being called out!

  • Sherry
    Sherry Nov 21, 2018 9:16 AM PST

    I hope Miranda is over BLAKE, but she will be mad as hell for a while. I TRUELY believe she was trying to forget and was trying to move on with Anderson East. After that was over and she had maybe heard a little more about his road girls and let's say one may have been Gwen herself. You fans of Gwens who think this will last for ever are going to be disappointed. I think Gwens career could use a little boost, maybe she will get a gold record when he hits on her..

  • Jeanie
    Jeanie Nov 21, 2018 4:11 AM PST

    Why does it always have to end with something about Miranda? No one really cares about Blake, hope Gwen has her choke collar on Blake...Sweetie, he is not a one women's man! Watch out! Try to keep your man, Miranda is not what you have to to worry about!

  • Kathy Cowan
    Kathy Cowan Nov 20, 2018 12:47 PM PST

    He is going downhill And Miranda is going forward with her life. She can do anything! Very successful since the divorce. Used to like you but you screwed Miranda bad!

    • Mary
      Mary Nov 21, 2018 10:35 AM PST

      Blake is the only decent thing Miranda ever had, too bad she couldn't keep her legs together when he wasn't around.

      • Em
        Em Nov 22, 2018 1:38 PM PST

        Blake is the one who cheated - relentlessly. you need to get your facts straight Dear. Gwen and Blake lied about their affair and blamed Miranda and Gavin. Most adults saw this immediately. They may fool some people with their lies, but most are not so gullible. Miranda was crushed, but much better off and definitely over it. I for one find it quite funny she is calling him out in her music. He deserves every bit of it. And for Gwen to be seen as a ‘road *****’ is beyond funny! Glad to see they are being called out!

  • Donna
    Donna Nov 20, 2018 8:51 AM PST

    I LOVE Gwen and Blake together. It gives me hope!

  • Kathy Willets
    Kathy Willets Nov 20, 2018 6:57 AM PST

    Miranda needs to find another inspiration other than divorce. Get over it bc you come across desperate. Blake and Gwen are awesome together. Find yourself an UNMARRIED man who will love you too.

    • Marie
      Marie Nov 22, 2018 2:20 PM PST

      Umm fairly certain it was HER marriage that Gwen broke up, it wasn’t Gwen and Blake who lied about their affair, and Blake and Gwen have been throwing stuff at her ever since. I say go ahead Miranda! Sing it out! Gwen chased after a married man and you go right ahead Sweetie and let your truth out ANY time you want when ever you want! You people need to understand it was MIRANDA who was cheated on, lied to then wrongfully accuses by BLAKE AND GWEN! Good for Miranda for letting us know Gwen is a .....! So those of you that don’t like it? Too bad.

  • Paula
    Paula Nov 20, 2018 6:10 AM PST

    I'm so happy for Blake and Gwen...Miranda needs to give it up...everyone is sick of her damn whining!!!

  • betty ledgerwood
    betty ledgerwood Nov 20, 2018 5:49 AM PST

    If people look at the way Gwen is now without her red lips. Blake has her long blonde locks down her makeup is very nice .Blake has turned Gwen into a make believe of Miranda.. I'm glad they are happy but it's just a matter of time before Miranda will come back into Blake's life.. Blake has never gotten over Miranda and Gwen knows this that is why she is doing all she can to make Blake happy..

    • Justme
      Justme Nov 20, 2018 1:39 PM PST

      I so agree with you Betty, he still loves ML, and Gwen knows it and is doing her best to look and act like ML!! That’s why she is always with him, she doesn't trust to let him go anywhere without her, yet the mags say they are inseparable!

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