Blake Shelton Is Content With Gwen Stefani And Is Not Ready To Change A Thing

Blake Shelton Is Content With Gwen Stefani And Is Not Ready To Change A Thing
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It seems like Blake Shelton is living by the philosophy that all he ever wanted is already his, thanks to his lady love and her three sons.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and claimed that Blake is content with Gwen Stefani whom he knows is the love of his life.

He hopes to have children one day but does not lose sleep over that because he is happy to feel like a father to Gwen's three sons -- Kingston, 12, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4.

The insider said: “Blake would be open to having his own biological kids if it were to happen, and of course he would love to have a baby with Gwen because she’s his soulmate and the love of his life. But, it’s not a driving force in his life, and it’s not something that keeps him awake at night. He already feels like a dad to Gwen’s boys, and he’s there with them every day raising them.”

The pal went on to reveal: “Obviously Gavin will always be their biological father and a permanent driving force in their lives. Blake is at an amazing stage right now, he really wants for nothing, and he feels so content—he has everything he could ever hope for, the woman of his dreams, and the perfect family, all is good in the world, and he couldn’t be happier.”

The source shared that while Blake loves Gwen and tells it to her all the time; he is not eager to get married because they are in a good place.

The person revealed: "It melts Gwen’s heart whenever she hears Blake gush over his love for her to the world like he did on The Voice. To hear him share those memories with the world made Gwen feel special. When he brags about the sweet, romantic, secret details of their relationship, Gwen feels all kinds of love.”

The individual went on to say: “Blake tells everyone how much he loves her, but he is not in a rush to get married. Gwen’s very involved in her sons’ lives and school functions, doing pick-up and drop off often herself. Blake helps where he can, but he’s busy with The Voice.”

Gwen sees no need to change the status of their romance because she knows Blake is her ride or die.

The pal confessed: “Gwen’s Vegas residency has also been fun for her, but she knows it hasn’t been doing well and there’s no plans to extend it. Blake has supported her through that as well as it was a bit embarrassing for her, their love is real, and Blake has never been happier.”

Those two are perfect for each other.

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