Blake Shelton Is Being Pressured By This Famous Star To Marry Gwen Stefani And Some Fans Are Not Happy About It

Blake Shelton Is Being Pressured By This Famous Star To Marry Gwen Stefani And Some Fans Are Not Happy About It
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After a recent confrontation between Ellen DeGeneres and Blake Shelton over his proposal to Gwen Stefani, there has been a lot of buzz online, and it looks like fans have been broadly divided over the situation.

While many agree with the questions brought up by Ellen and share her curiosity, others have jumped on her with accusations of acting inappropriately and out of line, and it looks like this has been a growing trend in those discussions.

At this point, it is not clear if Ellen is going to be able to escape the mini backlash -- it is no secret that she has quite the large fan base, but at the same time, Blake's supporters are not to be underestimated.

It all started with Ellen asking Blake about a gift he had previously given to his loved one, eventually steering the conversation into the direction of his absent proposal.

The TV host asked: "I gave you a clock. Remember that clock? To remind you, time is ticking."

Shelton hit back by saying that she uses the same clock to embarrass her other guests. Ellen had this as defense: "We did that to Jennifer Lopez, and now she's engaged."

While many have been wondering when Blake is going to pop the big question, it looks like the exact way in which Ellen brought up the subject was seen as distasteful by some observers, to the point where many people have been telling her off.

At the same time, Ellen has certainly managed to cause quite the stir, as her provocative question has also made it obvious that many other people would be interested in finding out more about the situation.

A source spoke to Hollywood Life and explained that while marriage is not in the works at the moment, they are in love.

The person claimed: "They moved in together not too long ago and are very happy in their new home. They're very content with the status of the relationship, and neither feels the need to get married anytime soon, however, nobody would be shocked if they did get engaged soon."

The family friend also said: "The house was a big commitment for both of them, and they're very, very happy to be living there. Gwen loves to cook, so she loves hosting dinner parties there."

Does she have a point, or could she have been a bit more subtle in her approach?


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