Blake Shelton Gushes Over Loving Gwen Stefani In Sweet Tweet

Blake Shelton Gushes Over Loving Gwen Stefani In Sweet Tweet

These two are just the cutest! Blake Shelton took to social media to gush over the love of his life, Gwen Stefani once again and it was very sweet!

The country crooner posted a pic that featured a bottle of Smithworks Vodka and his and Gwen Stefani’s legs aesthetically in frame, resting by a fire pit.

It’s clear that the lovebirds were having a very romantic and cozy evening.

The sweet caption reads: ‘My god I love fall… And @SmithworksVodka.. And the girl in those checkered shoes…’

Aww…isn’t that so cute? They are having the time of their lives!

They are allegedly so happy that Miranda Lambert’s song about her and Blake’s marriage and divorce, ‘When I Was His Wife,’ did not affect them at all!

At least that’s what a source told HollywoodLife!

‘Gwen and Blake couldn’t care less about Miranda’s new song. They actually find it comical. Gwen is very classy, and you will never see her respond to something like this. Blake thinks it’s ridiculous that she’s supposedly moved on and he absolutely has, yet she still has to sing about him. He knows Miranda hasn’t moved on, but he’s so happy with Gwen and where they’re at in their relationship and lives.’

Another source claimed Gwen is looking forward to getting proposed to!

‘Gwen's head over heels with Blake, and as they approach their three year anniversary in November, there's only one thing she'd change about their amazing, loving relationship. Gwen would still love to get married to Blake. She's hoping this anniversary or holiday season, Blake surprises her with a ring.’


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