Blake Shelton Gushes Over How ‘Gorgeous’ His Lady Gwen Stefani Is ‘All The Time!’

Blake Shelton Gushes Over How ‘Gorgeous’ His Lady Gwen Stefani Is ‘All The Time!’

The country singer talked about his lady in a brand new interview, and he couldn’t stop gushing over her! At this point, it’s no secret that Blake Shelton loves Gwen Stefani, and she does him, but it’s still great to hear them rave about it!

Blake was talking about his collab Christmas song with his girlfriend when he started mentioning how beautiful she is!

As fans know already, the pair released a new music video for their fun holiday song You Make Me Feel Like Christmas.

While on the red carpet at The Voice taping this week, the man talked to Entertainment Tonight.

His co-star, Jennifer Hudson, who was also there, mentioned ‘how gorgeous’ Gwen looks like the music video.

That caused Blake to agree and gush that ‘How gorgeous does she look all the time? It’s unbelievable. Right now, wherever she is, she looks gorgeous, whatever she’s doing.’ That is so sweet!

Fans can’t get over how adorable their relationship is.

As for their festive tune, the lyrics were written by Gwen but Blake also contributed with a ‘couple of lines.’

When asked if the song that goes: ‘I never thought I’d find a love like this/ But I found forever in that very first kiss,’ is about the two of them, Blake said that ‘This is romance around here, of course!’

It seems like Gwen will definitely appreciate the sweet words since one source previously shared with HollywoodLife that her heart melts every time Blake talks about her and their love publicly.

It apparently makes her feel really special and in love, hearing her man proudly recall details about their love story in front of the whole world.

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