Blake Shelton Gushes Over His Love For Gwen Stefani In An Emotional Message

Blake Shelton Gushes Over His Love For Gwen Stefani In An Emotional Message
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Blake Shelton took to Twitter to share a photo with his and Gwen Stefani's legs resting on a stone surrounding a fire pit. He captioned the photo with some really sweet words, as you will see below.

'My god I love fall… And @SmithworksVodka.. And the girl in those checkered shoes..'

A little while ago, Hollywood Life reported that despite the fact that Blake's ex, Miranda Lambert released a song called When I Was His Wife which was about their marriage, he and Gwen were not bothered at all by it.

'Gwen and Blake couldn’t care less about Miranda’s new song,' an insider told the online magazine mentioned above.

The same source continued and explained that 'They actually find it comical. Gwen is very classy and you will never see her respond to something like this. Blake thinks it’s ridiculous that she’s supposedly moved on and he absolutely has, yet she still has to sing about him. He knows Miranda hasn’t moved on, but he’s so happy with Gwen and where they’re at in their relationship and lives.'

The magazine also reported that Gwen is expecting to get an engagement ring from Blake as their third anniversary is getting near.

A source said that she is completely in love with Blake and she would definitely love to get married to him.


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  • Carrie Grice
    Carrie Grice Nov 8, 2018 2:39 AM PST

    I love seeing Blake with Gwen .They first didn't strike me as a compatible pair.

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