Blake Shelton Gushes Over Gwen’s Sexy Christmas Album And Fans Go Crazy; ‘Daddy Likey’, He Says

Blake Shelton Gushes Over Gwen’s Sexy Christmas Album And Fans Go Crazy; ‘Daddy Likey’, He Says

Blake Shelton just tweeted about his girlfriend's upcoming Christmas album, and this might be the cutest post ever. He wrote 'Daddy Likey..' Check out Gwen Stefani's fans' reactions!

Unless you haven't gone online this week, you must know that Gwen has a Christmas album on its way and it's called 'You Make It Feel Like Christmas'. It is supposed to be out on October 6.


As you might have already guessed, her boyfriend Blake is already promoting her album! He is doing this his own way, by tweeting 'Daddy Likey..' along with a tweet that encourages fans to pre-order their copies now.

And as you can probably imagine, both of their fans couldn’t get enough of the cute post!

'I’m melting,' one fan wrote. 'You 2 are the best! Making your fans all crazy & happy! Thanks!' another posted in response.

'You two with your new songs are killing me with cuteness,' yet another wrote. It really sounds like Blake and Gwen are giving fans exactly what they want!

As is was previously reported, Gwen first teased the announcement of her album on September 19 with a festive clip in which she was blowing her fans a kiss beside a Christmas tree.

But did you notice that the gown she was wearing for the promo looks extremely familiar with the dress she wore in her wedding to Gavin Rossdale 15 years ago?

What could this mean? Is she subtly trying to tell us something? Should we be expecting wedding bells instead of Christmas bells!? Who knows!

We'll just have to wait and see what their plans are eventually.

Also, there are some rumors about a possible pregnancy that have been swirling since the beginning of Shelton and Stefani’s two-year relationship, but they have really heated up in recent weeks. Blake and Gwen may have been inspired by Adam Levine's baby news , and they probably want a child of their own.

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