Blake Shelton And Jennifer Hudson Feuding On The Set Of 'The Voice' - Her 'Diva' Demands To Blame?

Blake Shelton And Jennifer Hudson Feuding On The Set Of 'The Voice' - Her 'Diva' Demands To Blame?
Source: NBC

According to a new promotional video, a feud is erupting on the set of the new season of The Voice between veteran judge Blake Shelton and newcomer Jennifer Hudson, and the competition to get the winning vocalist on their respective teams is getting fierce.

In a video titled The Real Coaches of The Voice , a fun spoof of the Real Housewives franchise, Shelton and Hudson are butting heads when they have both turned their chair and are trying to convince contestants to choose between the two. The promo features snide comments from Shelton when he talks about Hudson’s rookie win as a coach on The Voice U.K.

"I feel like Jennifer Hudson is coming from the minor leagues into the big-time boys here," says Shelton. "She was on The Voice UK , and she won, but this is different."

The Dreamgirls star and former American Idol contestant is not intimidated by the country superstar’s remarks. She is confident that her time on the British version of the show has prepared for a win in the States.

The question is, though, is the feud just all in fun for a promo video, or are Hudson’s diva ways really causing problems on the set?

According to reports Hudson is not getting along with the other judges, the contestants, or the crew. A source claims she is being intolerable by screaming at people to get her way, being disruptive, and causing delays. Hudson is so hard to work with that the insider claims everyone is hoping this will be her only season on the show.

If there really are problems on the set, the show is keeping it on the down low, and instead presenting a fun and playful, yet competitive vibe for the upcoming season.

For example, Shelton reveals at the end of the promo that he and his former rival turned best friend, coach Adam Levine, have decided to try to get along this season. The video featured the two professing their love for one another in a sarcastic attempt to mend fences.

Shelton and Levine have battled for years on the reality competition, but everyone knows the relationship is more of a bromance than a feud.

Catch Blake Shelton, Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cyrus, and Adam Levine in action.

Season 13 of The Voice premieres on Monday on NBC.


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