Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Write Love Songs To Each Other - 'Hollaback Girl' Diva Is Loving The Attention

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Write Love Songs To Each Other - 'Hollaback Girl' Diva Is Loving The Attention

Blake Shelton is busy writing songs inspired by Gwen Stefani, and she loves the gesture.

The two music stars are feeling each other, and their romance has never been stronger.

After the divorce from Miranda Lambert, Shelton has learned from some of his past mistakes and is determined not to repeat them.

He covers the "Hollaback Girl" diva with love and attention in a way that he did not in his previous relationships.

A person very close to the couple has shared the following: "Blake more than Gwen writes little songs, mostly choruses to Gwen and leaves them around for her to find and that is one of the ways how he shows her that he loves her. She has repaid the favor, but it was Blake who started it and continues to do it. It makes her feel spectacular!"

Stefani and Shelton behave like a married couple although they are not in a rush to walk down the aisle.

Nonetheless, the country music star is a father figure for his girlfriend's three boys, and he treats them as if they are his own.

Another insider revealed: “Gwen‘s kids are her life and they are an extension of her. And, Blake loves Gwen so much that it is very obvious that he loves her kids just as much. If he is going to be with Gwen, he has to be with her kids; That is the trade off, and he is embracing it 100%. Blake treats Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo as if they are his own.”

However, he is careful not to push things too far by trying to replace their dad.

Our first source added: "Blake loves hanging out with Gwen’s boys, he is especially close to Kingston, who he is currently teaching guitar to. Blake’s careful not to step on Gavin [Rossdale‘s] toes, he does not try to be their dad, but he is always there for the boys if they want or need anything."

One thing is sure; the clan is very grateful for what Shelton brings to the table.

He was able to introduce them to a whole new world where nature and activities around it have a huge place.

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