Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Find Miranda Lambert's New Music Laughable And They Just Do Not Care

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Find Miranda Lambert's New Music Laughable And They Just Do Not Care
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In the past two weeks, Miranda Lambert dropped not one but two songs that directly or indirectly snubbed her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, and his romance with Gwen Stefani.

Do not expect the power couple to respond to the country diva and her constant shades.

The Voice coach and the mother of three find Miranda's attempts to stay relevant by dragging them in the mud comical and laughable.

A source told Hollywood Life this is how the lovebirds reacted to Miranda's new songs -- "Got My Name Changed Back" and “When I Was His Wife”: “Gwen and Blake couldn’t care less about Miranda’s new song. They actually find it comical. Gwen is very classy, and you will never see her respond to something like this.”

The family friend went on to say: “Blake thinks it’s ridiculous that she’s supposedly moved on and he absolutely has, yet she still has to sing about him. Gwen and Blake have recommitted their love for each other which feels amazing for her. Shortly after her birthday, Gwen was feeling emotional and had a long talk with Blake about how happy he makes her and how much she loves him and how much her boys love him too. She made it clear to him that he makes her smile, laugh and really happy every day.” "

According to the insider, Blake is aware that his ex-wife has yet to move on.

The pal stated: “He knows Miranda hasn’t moved on, but he’s so happy with Gwen and where they’re at in their relationship and lives.”

Another source claimed Miranda is fed up with dating singers and added: “She feels that just because she was unlucky in love with Blake, and other sexy singers, doesn’t mean she can’t get it right with the next guy. She is learning how to be a better girlfriend and won’t give up until she gets it right. Miranda is attracted to talented guys, singers, artists, and good old-fashioned country boys. Miranda wants a man that is sexy, spontaneous and knows how to have fun. She often fantasizes about finding the cowboy of her dreams and running away to a ranch with her man forever.”

Miranda is using the situation to her advantage.

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