Blake Lively's Birthday Post For Ryan Reynolds Proves Their Marriage Is #RelationshipGoals

Blake Lively's Birthday Post For Ryan Reynolds Proves Their Marriage Is #RelationshipGoals
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Ryan Reynolds turned 43 on October 23rd, and his wife Blake Lively celebrated with a goofy Instagram post that gives fans an idea of just how awesome their relationship is. The Gossip Girl alum posted a pic of herself with Reynolds, and both the image and the caption were true #RelationshipGoals.

Lively posted a pic of the duo that featured her lovingly resting her head on Reynolds’ shoulder with her finger up his nose, and in the caption she wrote, “I picked a good one.”

This is just the latest in a series of hilarious birthday posts that the couple is known for. Lively had to get revenge because in August, Reynolds wished her a Happy Birthday by posting numerous photos of the two of them. But, in each picture, either Lively’s eyes were closed, she had a silly look on her face, or she was just barely in the pic at all.

In 2017, Reynolds celebrated Lively’s birthday by posting a pic that she was completely cut out of. In response, Lively posted a pic for Reynolds’ birthday that year that featured him with Ryan Gosling. In the caption, she wrote “Happy Birthday baby,” but the Deadpool star was nearly cut out of the pic. While Gosling was pointing at Reynolds, fans could just see his left eye and ear.

Reynolds and Lively tied the knot in 2012, and the couple just welcomed their third daughter. The couple is also mom and dad to four-year-old James and three-year-old Inez. The news of baby number three’s arrival came earlier this month, but an insider told Us Weekly that the little girl was already two months old.

The couple has yet to reveal what they named their third baby girl. Reynolds did post a pic on Twitter of himself with Lively and the new baby, but he covered his daughter’s face with a smiley face emoji.

The source says that Reynolds took about a week off from work when his daughter was born, and he and Lively are doing “everything they can to make sure [the kids] have a normal upbringing.”

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively also enjoyed a date night this month for a little alone time after welcoming baby number three. He posted a pic from their dinner on his Instagram Story, and while he smiled big for the camera, Lively’s mouth was open and her hand was blurry.

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