Blake Lively Reflects On Classic Gossip Girl Ending Where Fans Found Out Dan Was Gossip Girl

Blake Lively Reflects On Classic Gossip Girl Ending Where Fans Found Out Dan Was Gossip Girl
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Despite the fact Gossip Girl aired its final episode in 2012, fans of the popular series still can't get over the fact that it was actually Dan the entire time. Harper's Bazaar picked up on a social media post from Blake recently in which she poked fun at a user's comments.

A fan of Gossip Girl posted a meme and the actress uploaded it to her Instagram Stories and wrote along with it in the caption, "YOU'RE surprised, Imagine how the writers felt."

Reportedly, the writers contemplated whether to make Dan the Gossip Girl during the completion of the series. Refinery 29 claims that one of the writers at Vulture Festival in 2019 realized Nate had never sent a tip to Gossip Girl throughout the entire series. As a result, they thought that it must've been him.

Before everyone thought it was Nate, Serena's brother, Eric, was supposed to be the one. However, social media users caught on to the idea of Eric being Gossip Girl , so then they chose Dan Humphrey instead.

Regarding Penn Badgley , the actor who portrayed Dan, he spoke with Entertainment Tonight in the past about his role on the show and claimed the creators of the series have never spoken with him about the idea of him being on the reboot.

"I've never been a proponent of Dan Humphrey's," the actor remarked. In case you missed it, Gossip Girl is reportedly getting a reboot in the coming months. As for Blake Lively , the actress went on to big success in the film industry following her starring role in the drama series.

These days, Blake is famously married to Ryan Reynolds, and social media users love their neverending banter on Instagram. For instance, earlier this month, Blake was in the headlines when she poked fun at the fact Reynolds likes to eat pie instead of cake for his birthday.


Moreover, Blake suggested Ryan was the only person ever who would start eating the "cake" before even taking the time to blow the candles out. This all came after Reynolds made fun of the fact Blake had photoshopped sandals onto her feet in another IG post.

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