Blake Lively Laughs At Ryan Reynolds’ Tiny Ponytail In Hilarious Post!

Blake Lively Laughs At Ryan Reynolds’ Tiny Ponytail In Hilarious Post!
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While stuck at home due to the quarantine, Ryan Reynolds has been trying out new things with his hairstyle and his wife and fellow actress Blake Lively did not hesitate to poke some fun at him on social media! Blake shared a pic of his ‘tiny ponytail’ and suggested fans will never be able to unsee it!

It’s no secret that this married couple’s back and forths online are always hilarious and entertaining and this is no different!

That being said, Blake and Ryan are apparently managing to make people laugh with their posts even amid a global pandemic!

It all started with the Gossip Girl star posting a snap that showed her hubby with his hair styled into the smallest ponytail ever since his hair is not long enough for a proper one!

In the caption, she wrote: ‘I dare you to forget this every time you see him for the rest of eternity.’

Since she has almost 27 million followers, it’s safe to say that she ‘cursed’ them all to remember that tiny pony forever and that is power!

The pic shows Ryan wearing a grey tee, a colorful hair tie gathering the strands of short hair from the back of his neck!

This is not the first time the Hollywood couple makes people laugh with their creatively funny posts.

Less than a month ago, Blake also joked about her attraction to her husband’s ripped trainer after Ryan had shouted him out on his own platform.

She reposted the pic on her IG Stories, writing: ‘I keep swiping right. This thing isn’t working.’

She was, of course, joking about thinking she was on dating apps such as Tinder so she then pretended to realize that was not the case, adding: ‘Oh… swipe UP.’

As for Ryan’s original post about the trainer, it was meant to promote his free training sessions on his Instagram, writing in the caption: ‘He trains a bunch of superheroes and a certain, nasty, s**t-talking Deadpool. He is one of the greats. And he is giving it away for FREE during these difficult days. Anybody can do this.’


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