Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Attend Aviation Gin Event

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Attend Aviation Gin Event

Powercouple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds stepped out last night looking as glamorous and in love as ever to celebrate the first Employee Orientation for Reynolds new liquor company Aviation Gin in New York. Lively wore a sleek white dress, with her hair pulled back out of her face, a natural makeup look and a single long earring in her right ear.

Lively admits that she doesn't drink but that she has tried Aviation Gin.

She even posted a picture of herself pretending to take a swig from the bottle in support of her husband's latest venture.

The couple is one of the most playful with each other on social media and always have a good joke to offer at the other's expense.

It's all in good fun though, as the non-drinker Lively said that while she wanted to attend the event to support her husband, she was really there for the free food.

Lively recently opened up about the fitness and health journey she embarked on after giving birth to her second child, Inez.

She revealed that it took her 14 months to lose the 60+ pounds she gained during her pregnancy.

The blonde beauty says she struggled to not compare herself to other mothers who shed the baby weight quickly.

In the snapback culture, it's sometimes disheartening to feel like you're going at a snail's pace compared to other people.

But it's not a race and the pure magic of a woman's body to give and bring life into the world is one of the most sacred and precious things.

She's also quick to add that getting back to your pre-baby weight isn't even necessary in some cases.

That some extra weight really isn't the end of the world and that what's essential and important is that your body can care for and nourish your baby.

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